Business Setup in Dubai: Establish your Dream World

Setting up of a business involves numerous procedures. It all starts with deciding the most feasible location to employing the right talents. You need to take care of various factors with intelligence and precision. Starting a business in Dubai is a lucrative proposal but you need to understand the laws and procedures. The best way to open a company is approaching the most experienced and trustworthy business consultant in Dubai. If you’re planning to venture into UAE, you need to choose the type of establishment – free zone, offshore or mainland. Dubai is among the most modern and progressing emirates in UAE. Investors are flocking to establish their dream world in Dubai. The business houses across the globe understand the business potential the city holds. The city is known for housing the maximum number of free zones in UAE.

What Attracts Entrepreneurs the most?

The cost of setting up new company is one of the most important considerations in Dubai. What attracts most of the business groups is the direct tax-free nature of the business zone. One is allowed to set-up a free zone or an offshore company in Dubai. A free zone company is fully owned by the person, who is setting it up. There is no mandatory condition of an agent or sponsor to liaison or manage the business. There are numerous other benefits offered, when one establishes a company in Dubai.

We make the Process simple and Hassle Free

There are different rules, regulations, procedures and fees involved to set-up businesses in different free zones. Many of these free zones require the business owners to have a minimum amount of capital. Company formation in free zones in Dubai offers many benefits as it allows the full ownership of the venture. We not only help setting up the business, we also extend support in opening bank account and other legal formalities and procedures. Our professionals also support in setting offshore companies. Offshore company incorporation requires specialized knowledge. We offer customized services to start a business in Dubai. We help the entrepreneurs with every aspect of business set-up. Our experts help you drafting various documents needed for company set-up in Dubai. We successfully manage their submission and handle the legalization. We assist you in getting visas and work permits for your employees. We also support you getting various approvals from different ministries. All in all, we make your business set up process in Dubai, fast, quick, easy and hassle free.

Benefits of setting up Business in Dubai

Financial stability: Dubai ranks third in the world in attracting high-net-worth individuals. Due to the farsightedness of its leadership, Dubai has constantly innovate and create new channels of growth and development. Dubai is one of the top 25 centres in the world, known for their financial stability and prosperity.

Prime commercial spaces: Dubai has witnessed a sharp surge in plug-and-play office spaces. Currrently, prime or grade an office spaces account for 71% of the total new office stock. There are a plenty of co-working spaces available in Dubai that are innovative, flexible, and affordable. What makes the option more attractive is, the cutting-edge facilities and amenities, these modern places offer.

Business friendly political leadership

Dubai’s business-friendly policies and regulations are aimed to make doing business easy and profitable. The role of UAE Government has been very crucial that has come-up with innovative and business-promoting policies. The UAE Government has created an environment of supporting the  businesses. Precisely, this is the reason, why businesses have achieve success and long-term sustainability.

Easy talent acquisition

Creating a perfect team and involving the best talents in the staff is a huge challenge. However, in Dubai, any business has the advantage of picking up some of the finest candidates from the available large talent pool. These candidates are highly educated, highly skilled, and highly experienced. Dubai attracts the best talents in Middle East because of its elevated life style and forward thinking approach. All types of workers flock to UAE, Dubai in particular to take the advantage of the never-ending opportunities and the excellent corporate benefits.

Free trade zones

Dubai has many free trade zones that are attractive for different types of businesses. Free zones allow expatriates to retain 100% ownership of their business. They are also permitted to repatriate capital and profits. The foreign business owners are also exempted from paying corporate taxes for 15 years or more. Operating a business in free economic zone is an excellent choice for many businesses.

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