Payroll Outsourcing services in Dubai

Outsourcing payroll operations offer businesses an attractive and beneficial alternative to managing the internal payroll processes. It helps alleviating the time employees invest calculating payroll, determining tax obligations, deduction of other dues, preparing cheques and finally, reporting the final status to the management. Aimstorm Solutions is a leading company offering Payroll Outsourcing services in Dubai. We offer services like envelope stuffing, automated signatures, and also direct deposition of the cheques. We can also offer retirement plans wherein automatic deduction from the payroll cheques option is available.

Offer convenience

Our services alleviate the issues related to knowing the tax filing deadlines, tax tables, latest tax code, deposit needs and payroll software versions. In fact, tax regulations keep changing constantly and this makes error more prolific. We can file local and federal payroll tax for your business.

Tax expertise

Aimstorm Solutions saves tax penalties. Many businesses pay penalty each year for late filing or incorrect filings or late payments. We ensure that the customer will incur no penalties. We take responsibility of any fine that is imposed due to any error in tax filing. This cost saving also justifies hiring our services for payroll outsourcing.

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Revenue generating activities

Leveraging the expertise of Aimstorm Solutions, a renowned payrole service provider company, helps alleviating, the time consuming process of having your employees managing the payroll. When you outsource the job, the employees are free to do more productive work or more value added or revenue generated activities. Removing the burden of payroll from your employees allows them to focus more on other productive activities, within the realm of their expertise.

Enhanced security

Payroll process is a complex and potentially risky job. Even with long time trusted employees, there is a risk of identity theft, tempering with company files or embezzlement of funds. Alsso there is uncertainty on, how secure and safe is the company data on the company’s server or network. Such questions consume a lot of energy and attention of the business owner as well. Most business owners do not find time to closely supervise the unethical activities related to company’s payroll going on. We have the modern technology that spots and alerts the clients to various types of payroll frauds. We offer a safe heaven for your confidential data.

Avoid technology advancement cost

When businesses hire our services, they don’t require to install the latest versions of payroll software and the most recent tax tables on their computers. Using the wrong tables invites stiff penalties.


Reliable & safe

Financial Regulation

Financial regulation for Aimstorm Solutions is a part of ensuring the safety and soundness of the financial system of the concerned company and its protection.

Insured Client Funds

We insure clients’ funds and avoid any chance of misappropriation. We have the safest way to save clients’ funds.

Segregated Accounts

We maintain segregated accounts i.e. keeping the customers’ accounts or assets separate from that of the firm’s assets. This separation is very beneficial for the clients.

Negative Balance Protection

We offer negative balance protection, which is an effective tool that helps trader preserve their capital. A trader must ask himself, whether he is covered by Aimstorm Solutions?

Extreme Transparency Policy

Aimstorm Solutions always believes in extreme transparent policies and any deal we carry is transparent, ethical and honest.

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